Monday, May 28, 2007

Japan's IPA Accepts List of Requirements

Information Technology Promotion Agency of Japan in May announced results of FY2006 OSS projects, which includes "Summary," "Report" and "List of Requirements and Specifications" submitted by Good Day Inc. and its team whose proposal for an IPA public bid in 2006 was adopted to study

Further efforts and contributions of them are expected by and Japanese Native Language Project.

More information would be available at the team's page:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

SB/BadBunny-A, a harmless has the security team. If you find ones like the budbunny, please contact our security team and send one to the team.

"SB/BadBunny-A, a harmless little bunny at least until you kick it!" said Mate Temmermann, our security expert, in his blog.

Sure has a macro language with access to local resources, but "nothing bad can happen to you as long as you don't allow the macros to run." he said.

"Users shouldn't run macros from unknown sources, same like they shouldn't run any programs or other scripts from unknown sources." This is the message he repeats, and we, the Community, repeat.

On May 23rd the Community issued comments "About Security, BadBunny, and Macros" based on the information available so far.

"The community repeats the consistent message from security experts that users should never accept files from unknown sources. For any security issue, please visit's Security Team page."

Thank you.