Monday, August 28, 2006

News from Georgian Native Lang Project


Tbilisi, Georgia - August 20, 2006

Blue sea, sun, ancient Colchian nature, Georgian wine and celebration
spirit. What else would one need from a place to organize a
localization summercamp?

In August 2006 eRiders Georgia in cooperation with
Georgian Native-Lang project selected a group of volunteer community
members from open source, linguists and IT-experts and organized Georgian Localization Summercamp at Chakvi, a popular
Black Sea resort in Georgia.

The aim of the project was to localize user inteface
and user assistance messages to Georgian language, as well as increase
community interest and public awareness of and other
FLOSS products.

During 6 days the group of 30 participants and organizers localized
the whole user interface and majority of user assistance messages.

The QA will be accomplished with cooperation of
Georgian NL project and Deer Leap Foundation, a school computerization
programme by Georgian Ministry of Education and Science.

As a result, will be distributed to all Georgian
schools, where all students will get a chance to get used to FLOSS
products from the first beginning of their study.

The forthcoming changes in Georgian intellectual property law should
reduce piracy rate within Governmental, corporate and private users
and will eventually increase the demand on FLOSS products.

About Georgian Native-Lang - Georgian Native-Lang project is dedicated to promoting
and providing localization, distribution and migration support of throughout Georgia and Georgian-speaking community.
Georgian NL also provides free technical support to Georgian users. Email contact: aietkolkhi AT

About eRiders Georgia -

eRiders Georgia, along with ICT consulting and FLOSS promotion,
strives to introduce internet to Georgan regions by using wireless
technologies. eRiders Georgia is also involved in Georgan
localization of open source products. Email contact: eriders AT

by Aiet Kolkhi, KA project lead.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Information Technology Promotion

We, the leads of the Native Language Confederation, would like to
thank the Information Technology Promotion Agency of Japan (IPA) for
proposing a study of The study would focus on enhancing's usefulness for the Japanese user. It represents a major
step toward the Japanese adoption of, the world's leading
open-source and open-standards-based office suite. is available in the ten most spoken languages in the world

While you can use in more than 80 languages (with
localized versions varying in quality and status), it is interesting
to note that with the latest developments taking place inside the Bengali
Team, is now available in the ten most spoken languages
in the world.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Danish Company Integrates CAD Drawings into OOo

Finn Gruwier Larsen has brought us news "Danish company integrates CAD drawings into" at dev/AT/

He has shortened and translated an announcement made by Danish company A. B. Jensen Maskinfabrik and in Denmark.

Danish engineer Lars Brandi Jensen and German software developer Simon Mieth has developed a program extension that makes capable of reading CAD files into an spreadsheet and make automatic calculations on it.

"We didn't choose just because it's cheaper," says Lars Brandi Jensen who is co-owner of company A.B. Jensen Maskinfabrik A/S.

" does of course fullfill the basic needs, but it also gave us open access to develop the functionality we needed to automatise the workflow when the production cost of an order is to be calculated."

The software extension called DXF2CALC makes it possible to import vector graphic files of type DXF into and make calculations based on the graphic.

It's also possible to see an outline of the drawing directly in With this extension can act as an integrated part of the complete software setup used by the company to fulfill orders – from first sketch to the customer invoice.

A. B. Jensen is a production-to-order company in the area of sheet metal processing. Metal sheets are processed using laser and water beams. The company uses open source software whereever possible, and the tendency goes towards using more and more OSS. is the software cornerstone that binds together drawing, calulation and ERP.

DXF2CALC is free for all to use and can be downloaded from this web address:

Extentions! Major Topic at OOoCon Lyon

Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier sat down with Louis Suárez-Potts, chair of's community council and community manager, at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Ore., to see what's on the development roadmap.

Suárez-Potts says that development is moving along nicely, but it will probably be a while before we see 3.0.

Suárez-Potts says there really aren't many popular extensions for at this time -- but extension development will be a major topic of discussion at the Conference (OOoCon) 2006 that will be held from September 11 through September 13 in Lyon, France.
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