Wednesday, September 20, 2006

News about limux migration project

The city of Munich today announced the next step in its LiMux migration project. The original press release, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be available in English, can be found at

In short: The first official release of the base client has been finished and will be deployed to a first set of workstations by the end of the year, apart from the "beta testers" that already worked with LiMux. After that, more workstations will follow. is being used as the office suite within LiMux.

Phpmyadmin now can export to

phpMyAdmin with ODF support
"phpMyAdmin is a web administration tool for MySQL databases, intended
to handle a whole database server as well as a single database. It is
maybe one of the most used tools for administering MySQL databases.
The new version 2.9.0, released yesterday, now contains an export
functionality to OpenDocument Text and OpenDocument Spreadsheet."