Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Take Test Drive Keep Car

Did you know that 'Microsoft today announced the opening of a "test drive" so that people can see what Microsoft Office 2007 might look like when it finally goes on sale'?

I didn't know that. I have learned from Press Release - for immediate release, OpenOffice.org challenges Microsoft's Office "Test Drive" post by John McCreesh, OpenOffice.org Marketing Project Lead.


It goes, "The OpenOffice.org Community invites potential upgraders to go one better - download the full OpenOffice.org 2 office suite today for a test drive, and if you like it, use it free for as long as you like. It's the ultimate no-strings-attached test drive - if you enjoy the test drive, keep the car!"

OpenOffice.org, I enjoy 2.0.3 RC7 QA testing now and I will keep it for a while.

It continues, "As office software becomes a commodity product, Microsoft has been forced to make significant changes to the 'look and feel' of MS-Office 2007. Because of this, analysts now agree that migrating to Microsoft Office 2007 will be a major upheaval with a significant cost impact."

OpenOffice.org, Upgrading 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 is easy and costs nothing.

Then it says, "Unlike changing to Microsoft Office 2007, changing to OpenOffice.org 2 does not require learning how to use office software all over again. Indeed, reports have shown migration to OpenOffice.org 2 is 90% cheaper than migrating to Microsoft Office 2007."

Then I know what you choose.

For more information and references to the reports, please see http://why.openoffice.org and you'll know what you do, "Take a Test Drive - Keep the Car!"