Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Builds for FreeBSD/amd64

On June 14 to the releases/AT/ Maho Nakata announced that 2.0.3rc5 packages for FreeBSD/amd64 were uploaded to the site.

If you have a amd64 machine and get FreeBSD installed, try the following installation set, Uno Runtime Environment and Software Development Kit.


md5sums for them, here you go:
dd9abcaf26b5ad996eb3019667a2b7d4 OOo_2.0.3rc5_FreeBSD61X86_64_SDK.tar.bz2
efd53645738ee32875f2d60d7d1a8158 OOo_2.0.3rc5_FreeBSD61X86_64_URE.tar.bz2
72585b105760f7dbfa95913b576a1987 OOo_2.0.3rc5_FreeBSD61X86_64_install_en-US.tbz

He pointed out some critical issues for the build.
"Use KDE instead of GTK," and "XIM must be killed."

"We thank very much to Jung-uk Kim, who worked very hard for this port," he said.

If you use it, please feedback to their team: