Sunday, May 21, 2006

Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Checker for OOo

aLouis Su¨¢rez-Potts interviewed Carlos Eduardo Dantas de Menezes whose group recently completed a grammar checker for The project is called CoGrOO (Corretor Gramatical acoplavel ao OpenOffice).

I like the following part :)

Louis: How did you get involved in And who is included in your team?

Carlos: I guess it's fair to cite all collaborators of project (I know it's boring, but I want all in the team to receive credit):
- Prof. Dr. Jorge Kinoshita, coordinator, technical manager, Grammar Checker server's programmer.
- Prof. Dr. La¨ªs Salvador, documentation manager, grammar rules writer.
- Prof. MSc. Carlos Menezes, technical analyst, GUI's programmer, installer's programmer.
- Sueli Uliano, linguist, grammar rules writer.
- William Colen Silva, Grammar Checker server's programmer.
- Marcos Oku, Grammar Checker server's programmer.
- F¨¢bio Gusukuma, Grammar Checker server's programmer.
- Marcelo Suzumura, Grammar Checker server's programmer, installer's programmer.
- F¨¢bio Blanco, GUI's programmer, installer's programmer.
- Edgard Lemos Jr., GUI's programmer.
- Bruno Sant'Anna, OOo interface programmer.

Details on CoGrOO?
Read the interview.

Interview: Carlos Eduardo Dantas de Menezes