Saturday, October 15, 2005

Japanese Native-Language Project: Kansai Open Source 2005 in Japan

Takashi Nakamoto, of the Japanese Native-Language Project, has an announcement regarding the Kansai Open Source 2005 conference in Japan during the end of October:
"Kansai Open Source 2005 will be held in Osaka, Japan on Oct 28th and 29th. These conferences had been held every year to support communication between developer and users of Open Source Software in Japan especially for those who live in Kansai region (including Kyoto and Osaka as you know).

We, Japanese Native-Language project, are going to set up a booth and hold BOF at this event.

In the booth, we distribute 500 CDs including OOo 2.0 rc2 and other materials and flyers to advertize OOo 2.0. We also demonstrate OOo 2.0 rc2 with some laptop computers. BOF accept various people (from us to strangers) and we will discuss about various subjects about OOo and our activity.

In addition, Louis are going to come to this event and have speech about OOo. Mr. Akiyama takes care of a translation into Japanese.

We defined that this conference is the most importatnt to spread OOo 2.0 in Japan because 2.0 release is close. We will work hard and try to encourage attendees to use OOo actively. So don't hesitate to give us advices based on experience at OOo Conference 2005 if you have. Any comment is welcomed.

There is no English information yet anybody can attend this event for free and you are welcomed! If you can, please make a brife stop at our booth."

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