Friday, September 30, 2005

More OpenDocument News

ZDNet has published an article "OpenDocument could 'turn the world inside out'" on the future potential of the OpenDocument format:
"Tim Bray, the director of Web technologies at Sun, said at the conference in Slovenia, that the file format developed by standards body OASIS has the potential to transform the world as much as the World Wide Web did.

"Now we have the potential to explode the world again, to turn everything inside out again, if we get the widespread use across the office desktops of the world, of a common, open, unencumbered, reusable data format, namely OpenDocument. So we could see an explosion over the next decade that is like the Web happening again and that would be fun — I'd love to see that happening," said Bray at the conference.",39020330,39223863,00.htm

ZDNet Blogs has an opinion piece on the success of the OpenDocument format:
"Thanks to the public nature of the Commonwealth's everyday business, the proceedings and documentation have provided a rare glimpse into more than just the due diligence process that went into one organization's sweeping IT related initiative, but also into the way that Microsoft responds when a public entity such as a U.S. state government is contemplating a policy that could ultimately mean the ejection of MS-Office — one of the Redmond-based company's primary sources of revenue."