Thursday, September 29, 2005

Competitive News Criticsm Of Open

Fox News has an article from Jim Prendergast, executive director of Americans for Technology Leadership (an organisation part funded by Microsoft). The article, titled "Massachusetts Should Close Down OpenDocument", is critical of the move to the OpenDocument format:
"Officials in the state have proposed a new policy that mandates that every state technology system use only applications designed around OpenDocument file formats.

Such a policy might seem like something that should concern only a small group of technology professionals, but in fact the implications are staggering and far-reaching. The policy promises to burden taxpayers with new costs and to disrupt how state agencies interact with citizens, businesses and organizations.",2933,170724,00.html

ZDNet Asia also has an article "Call for M'sian govt to rethink open source policy" regarding the Malaysian governments policy on open source software coming under criticim:,39047352,39270644-39094244p,00.htm

Slashdot also has readers opinions on these articles: