Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Corel, Novell Stump for OpenDocument Format"

eWeek reports the news of Corel and Novell reiterating their backing for the OpenDocument format:
"In an attempt to both clarify the company's position and put more emphasis on its commitment to ODF, Corel's communication manager for WordPerfect said, "Corel is pleased to support the continued development and adoption of the OASIS OpenDocument Format, and Corel strongly endorses ODF, much as we strongly support the adoption of open standards industry-wide.""
"Novell Inc. has also given more prominence to its role in the ODF movement. Although the company has been active in promoting the format in the past, this is the first day that Novell has been officially listed on the membership roster of the technical committee at OASIS.",1895,1877815,00.asp

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